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If you have been seriously injured by someone else's wrongdoing, you deserve to have attorneys with skill, compassion and determination fighting on your side.

At Richards T Penn, LLP, our Cherokee County personal injury lawyers have all these qualities. They also have more than 80 combined years of experience in many areas of practice. In addition to handling personal injury cases, our Jacksonville law firm assists individuals, families and businesses in East Texas with matters involving family law, criminal law, construction litigation, business and commercial litigation, estate planning and much more.

Settling a case outside of court can often save our clients time and money. However, if their interests are best served by litigation instead of settlement, we are fully prepared and willing to take their cases to trial.

Taking Prompt Action for Positive Results

Whether your case involves a car crash, product liability, construction litigation, child custody or any other area of law, the same principle nearly always holds true: Immediate action produces the best results.

At Richards T Penn, LLP, we are known for responding quickly to our clients' problems. We make a point of jumping on their cases and tackling their issues immediately. This ability is particularly important in car and truck accident cases, where vital evidence can quickly disappear from the scene.

Putting Our Clients First

One of our strengths is our devotion to putting our clients' best interests first in everything we do. We believe that exceptional personal service is the hallmark of a truly great law firm, so we take the time to get to know each client, listen to his or her story and develop an individualized strategy for achieving his or her goals.

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