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Cherokee County Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

In addition to medical malpractice claims, the attorneys at Richards T Penn, LLP, know how important it is to the families of Texas to make sure that their elderly and infirm loved ones are provided with the right assistance and medical treatment. Unfortunately, as we all see too often in the news, nursing homes, assisted living facilieis and other rehabilitation-type homes do not live up to the standards that our loved ones deserve. Poor training and insufficient staffing are just a few of the reasons that we hear about these problems so much.

Negligence at nursing homes is an all-too-common problem. Your loved one may have been a victim of physical or sexual abuse or suffered from bed sores, dehydration and other "common" problems that occur at nursing homes. Whatever harm has fallen upon your family member, your rights and your family member’s rights must be aggressively pursued or the behavior is not likely to stop. Many facilities realize that they can continue functioning the way they always have because their victims, some of the weakest in our society, are not able to stand up for themselves.

By making a complaint with the Attorney General about the nursing home or other facility that has harmed your family member, you can help to ensure that others at the same facility do not fall victim to the same treatment. And by contacting the attorneys at Richards T Penn, LLP, we can get to work on making sure that you and/or your family member are compensated for the negligence or neglect of the nursing home and its employees.

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